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Boudreau family makes local shipbuilding history

CAP AUGUET, NS — The largest modern fishing boat ever manufactured on Isle Madame hit the water in October.

Father and son duo Adolphe and Shawn Boudreau completed construction on the fishing vessel All Segments, which was purchased by the Everett family of Digby.

The hulking 50-foot by 30-foot boat weighs in at 90 tonnes.

“It’s a stacked wheelhouse design,” Shawn says. “The accommodations are bigger in that style. The bunks and the kitchen are a lot bigger.”

The Boudreau’s started with a Grizzly fibreglass hull from Wedgeport Boats, which was floated from Yarmouth, to the Petit de Grat wharf, then to the Isle Madame Boat Club in Robin’s, from where it was placed in Shawn’s backyard.

On Sept. 19, Nova Scotia Power crews moved low-hanging power lines from the back of Shawn Boudreau’s property. Jake Boudrot photo.
The All Segments was moved early on the morning of Sept. 19 from the back of Shawn Boudreau’s home. His father Adolphe is shown taking a picture of the boat as it began its departure. Jake Boudrot photo.
Crews gingerly transported the All Segments from Shawn Boudreau’s home to the wharf in Cap Auguet, which normally takes minutes, but took more than two hours on Sept. 19. Jake Boudrot photo.
There was a large crowd of residents, relatives and curious onlookers in Cap Auguet on Sept. 19 as the All Segments was moved to the water. Jake Boudrot photo.
Crews worked tirelessly to get the All Segments ready to depart the Petit de Grat wharf on Oct. 10. Jake Boudrot photo.
The All Segments departed the Petit de Grat wharf on Oct. 10. Contributed photo.
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