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Participants selected for snow crab fishery

The participants have been selected for the 2017 snow crab fishery on Prince Edward Island.

The P.E.I. Fishermen’s Association conducted a registration and lottery to determine the 131 participants. It’s anticipated each will receive an allocation of five metric tonnes.

To be eligible for the draw, participants had to be a registered independent core fisher for 2017 and have never held a snow crab license in Prince Edward Island, nor received an allocation in any year, nor have purchased an enterprise associated with a Snow Crab license or received any allocation in any year, nor the recipient of an allotment under groundfish dependency or any other fisheries.

The draw winners are:

Native Council of P.E.I., Charlottetown

Chad Adams, Northport

Janet Adams, Howard Cove

Cory Arsenault, Tignish Run

Paul Arsenault, Egmont Bay

Craig Avery, Northport

Shelton Barlow, Howards Cove

Ronald J. Bernard, Tignish Run

Norman Betts, West Point

David J. Boudreau, Lower Montague

Jamie Bruce, North Lake

Kenneth Buote, Tignish Run

Gerry Burt, French River

Jeff Butler, Beach Point

Alan B. Campbell, Lower Montague

Marc D. Campbell, Covehead

Nigel Campbell, North Lake

Terry Carter, Souris

Terry Champion, Darnley

Blair Channell, Souris

Patrick Cheverie, Naufrage

Nathan Dean Cheverie, Naufrage

Lori Clark, Malpeque

Blair Clements, Howards Cove

Cyrus Harold Clements, Beach Point

David J. Clements, Howards Cove

Elizabeth Iva Clements c/o Troy Clements, Murray Harbour

Ryan Clements, Lower Montague

Gary J. Clow Sr., Tracadie

Randy Cole, New London

Burt Conohan, Fortune

Morgan Cooke, Howards Cove

Craig Costain, Miminegash

Shane Costain, Miminegash

James W. Cousins, French River

Ken Daley, Murray Harbour

Shelley Deagle, Naufrage

Tyler Deagle, Northport

Mark Dixon, Grahams Pond

Morgan Dixon, Grahams Pond

Jordan Dixon, Grahams Pond

Michael Dorgan, Seacow Pond

Owen Doucette, Milligan’s Wharf

Robert D. Doucette, North Rustico

Charles Doull, Borden

Keir Easter, West Point

Ryan Ellsworth, Miminegash

Malcolm Ferguson, Victoria

Douglas Fraser, Alberton

Kelly Fraser, Howards Cove

Jason Gallant, Miminegash

Travis Gallant, North Lake

Yvon Gallant, Fishing Cove

Edith M. Gaudet, Tignish

Ivan Gaudet, Tignish Run

Jason Gaudet, Tignish

Joshua B. Gaudet, Tignish Run

Peter Gauthier, North Rustico

Earl Gavin, Tignish Run

Eric Joseph Gavin, Northport

David Getson, Tignish Run

Robbie Green, Launching

Jarrod Greene, Savage Harbour

Trina Gordon, North Rustico

Gary Dwayne Gormley, Murray Harbour

Sterling Gunn, Red Head

Darren Hancock, Wood Islands

Lester Handrahan, Tignish

Mitchell Hardy, Northport

Joey Hennessey, North Lake

Wade Hicken, Fortune

Steven Higginbotham, Naufrage

Brandon Hopkins, Mink River

Shawn Hume, Murray Harbour

Dale Hustler, Miminegash

Cory Hutt, Northport

Cory Jenkins, Annandale

David Johnson, Malpeque

James Jollimore, French River

Karl Jollimore, French River

Raymond Josey, Souris

Christopher Kemp, Lower Montague

Phillip Lannigan, Grahams Pond

Jordan Lewis, Northport

Gerald R. MacDonald, Fortune

Ian MacDonald, Souris

Myles MacDonald, Wood Islands

Noel B. MacDonald, Naufrage

John James Macdonald, Naufrage

Stephanie MacInnis, Tignish

Chris R. Mackay, French River

Robert MacKay, Beach Point

Estate of David Gordan Mackenzie, Malpeque

Wendell Mackenzie, Beach Point

Leonard Mackinnon, Red Head

Steven MacLean, North Lake

Shane MacLennan, Malpeque

Christopher MacLeod, Machons Point

Stephanie MacLure, Georgetown

Mark MacNeil, Murray Harbour

Ronald MacNeil, Beach Point

Chris MacPhee, Savage Harbour

Allan MacQuarrie, Victoria

George MacRae, French River

John Manderson, Malpeque

Leigh Matthews, Northport

Brian Matthews, Northport

Geno McCarthy, Launching

David E. McCarthy, Launching

Earl R. McGrath, Tignish Run

Robert J. McHue, Seacow Pond

Roy V. McRae, Tignish Run

Darcy Morrissey, Tignish Run

Joey Morrissey, Tignish Run

Daniel Mosher, Savage Harbour

Lucas Murphy, French River

Aaron R. Penny, Beach Point

Eric Poole, North Lake

Russell Ramsay, Northport

Shelby Sentner, Howard Cove

Lloyd Shea, Tignish

Michael Shea, Northport

Terry Squires, Red Head

James Townshend, Fortune

Kevin Tremere, Grahams Pond

Kenneth E. Tuplin, West Point

Floyd A. Wall, Malpeque

Matthew Wall, Malpeque

Stephen Watts, Tracadie

Wade Yeo, Montague

Winnie Yorston, Georgetown