The P.E.I. Fishermen’s Association is seeking approximately 11 participants to assist in the anticipated approval of the 2017 4RST Halibut Longline Science Survey.

Participants will be assisting in the collection of data on the abundance, distribution and biology of Atlantic halibut in the Gulf of St. Lawrence through a scientific longline survey and tagging program. P.E.I. independent core fishers in possession of a valid groundfish license may apply to assist in one of the 11 specific stations to be set up.

PEIFA will be accepting registrations from interested captains followed by a draw on Sept. 11 at 4:30 p.m. All names will be drawn, the first name will be called and given the choice of location based on the sampling stations set up by DFO. The second name will then be called and given the choice of the remaining sampling stations, and so on until all sampling stations are covered.

This project is funded through an allotment of 880 pounds of Atlantic Halibut for each station. If all 880 pounds aren’t caught within the scientific station, the fisher is permitted to go to a location of their choice after the scientific sampling is complete to catch the remainder of their allotment. An approved observer is required for all trips, including those outside the scientific station to catch the remainder.