The Department of Fisheries and Oceans has accepted a winter flounder tangle net fishery proposal from the P.E.I. Fisherman’s Association Groundfish Advisory Board.

The proposal amends the current limited access into 4T2b for winter flounder, using tangle nets in a defined area (near North Lake) of this closed zone by a limited number of participants. This fishery opens on Sept. 10 at 6 a.m.

PEIFA organized a draw of those with fixed gear gillnet groundfish licenses interested in participating in this fishery to a maximum of 15 fishers. Otter trawl, handline and longline hook groundfish licenses were ineligible.

The winners of the draw are Matthew MacSwain, Dwayne Bailey, Brian MacPhee, Francis MacPhee, Wayne Watts, John James McCormack, Jeremy MacPhee, Jordan Ellis, Carl Gallant, Lavon Paquet, Ricky MacPhee, Ronald Gormley, Joey Robertson, Darren Gormley and Kirk Simpson.