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ACFFA will celebrate 30th anniversary in October

Saint Andrews, NB — The Atlantic Canada Fish Farmers’ Association will hold a 30th anniversary gala celebration in October as part of its annual aquaculture research, science and technology forum.

The association’s annual meeting will take place at the Algonquin Resort on Oct. 24 at 3 p.m. while the forum will be held at the Huntsman Marine Science Centre on Oct. 25 and 26.

It will feature national and international expert presentations on industry trends, opportunities and innovations in the aquaculture industry, as well as the latest research being conducted in this region.

The 30th anniversary gala celebration will be held at the Algonquin Resort Oct. 25 when there will be a look back at the salmon farming industry over the past three decades and tributes paid to industry pioneers. There will also be entertainment by Tomato Tomato.

For more information, contact Tobi Taylor at
506-755-3526 or email info@atlanticfishfarmers.com.
A more detailed agenda will be available at a later date.