A total of 190 Island fishers registered for the halibut reallocation fishery Sept. 26 to 28.

That resulted in a draw for the 54 positions available. The winners will be contacted by DFO to ensure they’re eligible and any fisher ineligible or otherwise unable to participate in the fishery will forfeit their spot to a name on the list of alternates.

Individual allocation limits remain at 182 kg per fisher, hooks in the water from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. only, maximum of 300 hooks.

A new license condition in concern for the North Atlantic Right whale that notes, “When fishing in water depths greater than 20 fathoms, all fishing gear shall be closely tended at all times.”

The winners are:

Jason Flynn

Troy Ellsworth

Edwin McKie

Norbert Palmer

Leonard Handrahan

Kerras Fraser

Wayne Watts

Rodney Phillip Gaudet

Joey McLeod

Duane Ching

Roger Millar

Michael Gauthier

Nicholas Hackett

Roy Coffin

Patrick Eastman

Gerard O’Connell

Nicholas Mallard

Daniel MacInnis

Gary Clow

Jodi Greencorn

Lloyd Phillips

John MacIntyre

Daniel MacNeill

Kent Bruce

Gary MacKinnon

Winston Baker

Barry Gaudet

Stephen Fay

Carl Robertson

Scott Jenkins

Daryl Bourgeois

Jerrod Greene

Randy MacPhee

Robert Jamieson

Chris Mackay

Marc Campbell

Murray MacLeod

Paul Ellis

Kenneth MacLeod

Aaron Baglole

Tylor Deagle

Roddie Sanderson

Allan Robertson

Justin MacNeill

George Doyle

John Campbell

Allen Fay

Blake Buote

Mervyn Misener

Steven Higginbotham

John Mackay

Wade Gallant

Clark Mackay

Dennis Gaudet