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New Processing Facility to be Built in Digby

Construction is expected to start this spring on a new $14.25-million, 43,580-square-foot seafood production facility in the Digby Industrial Park.

Nova Scotia Business Inc. (NSBI) announced in December the approval of a business development incentive in the form of an innovation rebate for fish harvesting and processing company Scotia Harvest Inc.

The company is eligible to earn a maximum innovation rebate of $1,863,333 upon completion of its project, based on eligible capital spending of $7,453,333.

The new facility will feature new processing equipment which will be more efficient, providing the ability to effectively produce additional groundfish species and will enable the company to implement greener technologies, says NSBI.

“The modernization of equipment will also give the company the ability to improve on harvesting and processing times. It will also help to meet increased demand for current export markets in the United States and support additional initiatives key to the company’s future exporting success in the European Union, China and other countries.”

Scotia Harvest Inc., formerly O’Neil Fisheries, is currently located at the head of the Digby wharf.

Described as a “vertically integrated seafood company” on its website, Scotia Harvest has a fleet of seven vessels and 10 associate vessels that harvest primarily scallop, haddock and other groundfish species including redfish and Atlantic halibut. The company also acquires fish for production from other harvesters and imports various seafood products.