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Nova Scotia Communities and Businesses Receive Over $10 Million in Hurricane Fiona Relief

In response to Hurricane Fiona, the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA) recently announced over $10 million in funding through the Hurricane Fiona Recovery Fund (HFRF) to affected Cape Breton communities.

The first round of funding, totalling $6,437,005 in non-repayable funding, went to five projects intended to restore infrastructure damaged by the storm, as well as safeguarding these locations against future catastrophic weather.

Canadian Maritime Engineering Ltd. received $4,883,812 to reconstruct their wharf, breakwater and piers in their North Syndey, N.S. location. Currently, the lack of a wharf leaves no place for ships in the area to dock for repairs. The HFRF repairs are expected to bring the facility up to pre-hurricane productivity levels.

Cape Breton Regional Municipality (CBRM) received $1,237,000 to purchase a generator and perform electrical upgrades to the Centre 200 arena in Sydney to allow it to function as a comfort centre during future extreme weather events. The municipality will also establish a coordination centre out of the arena equipped with communications equipment to better coordinate municipal services during times of crisis.

CBRM also received $196,853 to provide Glace Bay Volunteer Fire Department and John J. Nugent Fireman’s Centre in Syndey Mines, N.S. with generators. The Glace Bay Miners Forum will also be outfitted with a generator to allow it to act as a climate comfort centre.

Harness Racing Cape Breton received $99,340 to replace a scoreboard that was damaged beyond repair during Hurricane Fiona.

Baille Ard Recreation Association received $20,000 to purchase equipment to repair a local trail system. In the wake of Fiona, hundreds of trees were felled, blocking off many areas of the trail. The Baille Ard Recreation Association’s funding will allow it to purchase a trailer for removing large tree trunks and branches, a kit of power tools to remove damaged trees, safety equipment and hand tools. The equipment will also be made available to the community to better handle future weather events.

The second round of funding through HFRF totalled $4,214,691 to three organizations in Victoria County, N.S.

Victoria Co-op Fisheries Limited (VCFL) is receiving $3,456,281 to replace damaged walls in its cold storage facility, as well as expanding the new walls to better withstand extreme weather conditions. VCFL will also repair its processing facility, processing equipment and employee bunkhouse.

Kelly Cove Heritage Society is being granted $472,075 to repair their wharf at Kelly’s Cove, New Campbellton, N.S., which offers year-round mooring services to recreational and commercial boaters.

Lastly, the Municipality of the County of Victoria is receiving $286,335 to repair and improve 10 community centres that have been designated as climate comfort centres. Upgrades installed in these facilities include heat pumps, accessibility features, as well as bathroom and kitchen upgrades. These designated comfort facilities are located in Bay St. Lawrence, Neils Harbour, North Shore, South Haven, Baddeck, Middle River, Iona, Ross Ferry, Big Bras d’Or and Englishtown.