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Toad/spider crab fishery open in LFA 24 and 26A

The Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO), Gulf Region has advised the fishery for Toad/Spider Crab in Lobster Fishing Areas (LFA) 24 and 26A is open until Sept. 30.

Fishing gear is limited to conical or pyramidal crab traps with volume not exceeding 2.1 m3 (exterior measure). The traps must have a maximum, unobstructed mesh size of 40mm. All traps must be equipped with a biodegradable escape mechanism with an unobstructed horizontal opening of at least 125 mm. The maximum trap number is 50.

Fishing is restricted to water depths between 20 fathoms and 40 fathoms. Only male crab measuring at least 60 mm in width may be retained. Crab Fishing Logbooks are mandatory for all vessels. Species At Risk Act Logbooks are mandatory for all vessels and must be submitted at the end of each fishing season. There will be 100 per cent dockside monitoring.