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Additional cold storage being built in eastern P.E.I.

Lobster fishers in eastern Kings County, P.E.I. will have more storage capacity available next spring.

The Souris Harbour Authority Inc. has received a repayable contribution of $500,000 from ACOA’s Business Development Program to purchase equipment and expand its current cold storage facilities by four million pounds.

“Souris Harbour Authority Inc./Eastern Cold Storage recognized the need to accommodate its present and future customer’s growth requirements with this new cold storage expansion, and we’re pleased to receive this support from ACOA that helped us realize this expansion in a timely fashion,” says Denis Thibodeau, president and CEO, Souris Harbour Authority Inc.

Thibodeau says the Harbour Authority has heard from fruit and seafood processors that increased affordable cold storage space is in demand in the community. The organization, with the federal support and its own investments, will soon create the necessary infrastructure to meet this demand.

The Souris Harbour Authority was established just over a decade ago to own, operate and promote the development of the Port of Souris. Since its inception, the organization has made strategic investments to support local industry.

“The Souris Harbour Authority has over a decade of experience supporting local businesses that contribute to the long-term viability of this community,” says Agriculture and Agri-Food Minister Lawrence MacAulay. “Any time a business is in a position to expand, it means there’s an increased demand for a product or service. I’m pleased to announce this contribution that will provide a valuable service to seafood, and fruit and vegetable, processors, especially as we aim to export $75 billion of agri-food products by 2025.”

With support from the Government of Canada through the Atlantic Growth Strategy, MacAulay says this increase in infrastructure will benefit both the Harbour Authority and local processors. This investment also supports P.E.I.’s growing food industry as producers explore export markets.

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