Floyd d’Entremont, manager of the Dennis Point wharf in Lower West Pubnico, addresses the crowd on hand for the federal funding announcement for small craft harbour projects in West Nova. In the background are Argyle Barrington MLA Chris d’Entremont (left) and West Nova MP Colin Fraser. Kathy Johnson photo

Funding announcements for small craft harbour projects in Nova Scotia were rolling out in August, with three Members of Parliament taking to the podium to announce investments of $42 million over the next three years to repair and improve 27 small craft harbours across the province.

Kings-Hants MP and Treasury Board President Scott Brison led the way with the Aug. 17 announcement of $42 million for small craft harbour improvement and transfer projects across Nova Scotia over the next three years.

West Nova MP Colin Fraser quickly followed with an Aug. 22 announcement at the Dennis Point wharf in Lower West Pubnico of $8.35 million for Small Craft Harbour projects at six wharves in his riding, in addition to approximately $2 million in existing funding that will be used for projects throughout West Nova.

Projects include construction of containment cells in Chegoggin and Pinkney’s Point, construction of a new wharf to the south of the existing structures at the Dennis Point wharf,  installation of new piles, tie rods and concrete anchor blocks in Hampton, Installation of a float system in Meteghan and repairing damaged steel piles using concrete jackets along with reinforcing steel plates at the Wedgeport wharf.

“Its been a long haul and we’re doing our best and I think things are starting to shape up,” said Floyd d’Entremont, manager of the Dennis Point wharf.

Fraser said he expects the tenders for the projects to go out soon. “We want to start this work as soon as possible.”

A further $13.9 million was announced by South-Shore St. Margaret’s MP Bernadette Jordan on Aug. 23 for four small craft harbour projects in her riding at wharves in Bear Point, East Side Port L’Hebert, Gunning Cove and Upper Port La Tour.

Work will include reconstruction and raising the concrete deck elevation at the Bear Point wharf, constructing a new section as an expansion and dredging in East Side Port L’Hebert, the installation of two sets of floating docks in Gunning Cove and updates to the electrical system and the construction of a new crib wharf, the removal of a weight restricted wharf, dredging and the installation of an updated electrical system at the Upper Port LaTour wharf.