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PEIFA pleased with increased tuna quota

The Prince Edward Island Fishermen’s Association says it’s pleased with the additional Bluefin tuna quota granted at the recent International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas (ICCAT) meetings held in Marrakesh, Morocco.

ICCAT is responsible for the overall management of quotas for many tunas and sharks, including bluefin. A total of 47 nations participated in ICCAT this year, with more than 750 delegates participating. Doug Fraser represented PEIFA at this year’s meeting.

The overall Western Atlantic Bluefin quota has been increased from 2,000 tonnes to 2,350 tonnes. The Prince Edward Island quota for 2017 was 116 tonnes and P.E.I. is anticipating a 2018 quota in excess of 145 tonnes.

“The availability of additional quota is due to the rebuilding of the Atlantic Bluefin Tuna stock in the waters that border the east coasts of Canada and the continental United States,” says Ken Drake, chair of the PEIFA Tuna Advisory Committee.

There are 359 active license holders that participate in the commercial and catch-and-release tuna fisheries on P.E.I. The increase in quota will be in effect for the 2018 Bluefin Tuna season.

“The tended line, rod, and reel method that’s used by P.E.I. harvesters is also a contributing factor in assisting these stocks to rebuild,” says association president Bobby Jenkins. “Our goal continues to be that the fish must win.”