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Where is the Outcry to Offshore Petroleum Drilling?

I moved to Nova Scotia about 15 months ago and was not here for the official announcement, if there ever was one in regard to BP requesting permission to dig exploratory wells off our southern shores.

I read a tiny article in the Breaker newspaper Feb. 14, 2018 referring to well drilling by BP.

I don’t understand why there isn’t more knowledge and outcry regarding this important issue.

I don’t understand why fishermen, the plants, the fishermen’s organizations are not up in arms about this deal between BP and the provincial government.

Why have you not brought this issue to everyone’s attention?

This is your livelihood for God’s sake and the livelihood of all businesses to thrive in N.S.

I do not understand how quiet it is in regard to this huge threat to N.S. and all the livelihoods that depend on this industry.

Please be informed that there has been a meeting in Halifax on March 20, 2018 to inform the public about what is going on secretly right under our noses.

Why has there not been any notification or protests in regard to BP risking the future of the fisheries?

I would really like an explanation.


Lillian Page